Friday, April 10, 2009

World's Saddest Gardening Day

Today's post was promised to be landscaping, and we will get there. The photo is our beloved 'World's Best Cat" Otto, and his staff, Elizabeth, napping. Otto has been ill for many years, and this morning God called him home, where he can "fluff" Grammie and Grampie again. Jeff, the landscape god, (note the small G, there is only one Lord) was on site when we found Otto, and he had his guys dig a hole in the soon-to-be rose garden. We buried "Frito-Butt" where we can visit him. Elizabeth is out of town this weekend, so when she returns (we just ruined her vacation) she can choose a rose for Otto, and we will put it in with the roses we are transplanting from Richard's Mom's house. So it really will be a memory garden.

That said, here is the garden. It may be raw to you, but to us it is absolutely gorgeous! Having battled a mud-pit-construction-debris-dump for 4 years, seeing anything that may become a real garden is beyond exciting! This is the north area, between us and the bungalow courts next door. We are putting in a knot garden, companion planted for vegetables. DG will crunch underfoot along this path, and a fountain goes out in the elipse at the top of the photo, where the rose garden will be. Our iron swing goes under that pergola at the far end. The irrigation system is run from a computer, with its own weather station, which I will post about as soon as I understand it......

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  1. I'm so sorry to hear about Otto. For anyone who thinks you're exaggerating about him, I can vouch that he was a seriously cool cat with loads of personality. And as a dog person, I don't say that about many cats.

    The rose garden is a nice spot. Schnapps' ashes are buried in our rose garden, along with his favorite leash. Hardest hole I ever dug.